Non-Profit Partnership

Free Use of Theater

Thank you for your interest in holding an event at the Sovereign Majestic Theater.  Our organization has been actively operating a performing arts venue since December of 2006 and we are excited to be able to offer the community this facility.

The Sovereign Majestic Theater often receives requests for free utilization of the facility and we are pleased to be a preferred location in the county.  In order to accommodate various community events we offer one free rental per month.  Each request must be made in writing and due to limited availability is subject to approval by the Board of the Sovereign Majestic Theater.

If you have any questions about the contract or the process please contact Amy Burkhart at 570-628-4647.

All organizations requesting free utilization of the Theater must meet the following requirements.

  • Member of the Sovereign Majestic Theater
  • Non Profit Organization
  • Event Admission Must Be Free
  • Agree to provide Sovereign Majestic’s Upcoming Event Flyer in mailing going to all participants.
  • Provide a Certificate of Insurance Naming the Sovereign Majestic as Additionally Insured for the Event
  • Organization must pay technical fees of $25.00 (if needed by organization)
  • Organization must pay for the cleaning of the Theater after the Event $50.00 (if needed by organization)

To recieve an application please contact the Theater’s Offices at 570-628-4647.


Sovereign Majestic
209 North Centre St (location)
One South Second St (office)
Pottsville PA 17901